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Security at Radisson Blu Edwardian hotels

Providing safe and secure environments for all our guests and employees.


Our Head of Group Security Darren Carter is the Vice Chairman of the Institute of Hotel Security Management. This organisation exists to research and develop hotel security best practise across all levels of the industry. It is also an intelligence sharing community and provides a secure information sharing alert system which assists the UK hotel industry in crime prevention and detection.

Its members are formed of heads of security for major and smaller hotel groups, independent hotels, general managers and heads of finance. Many of its members are also law enforcement and government agencies, such as the police, fraud and diplomatic protection units, NCA, Nactso and UK Security Services.

We also work closely with colleagues within the travel and tourism industry primarily in the fight against fraud.


We research and utilise the latest technologies as part of a constant product development program. We have committed significant investments to develop electronic and physical security systems which include: state of the art CCTV surveillance systems, robust in-room security for our guests, Home Office approved electronic identity document verification as part of our recruitment program and global access control which spans our entire group of hotels.

RFID key cards

We have introduced contactless cards for bedrooms. These can be instantly activated and deactivated, to ensure that access to rooms can be easily controlled. For added peace of mind, only cardholders can operate the lifts in all our hotels

Culture and service

At Radisson Blu Edwardian, we promote the importance of ownership and empowerment in all our staff with thorough training. Through this 'security through service' culture, our staff feel part of a family and take shared responsibility for everyone's safety and security. As a result, we have lower levels of crime than some of our competitors.

Tips for travellers

When planning business, travel seek advice from whoever manages travel risk within your company. As a leisure traveller, contact your destination hotel and seek advice on local crime or personal safety issues if they exist.

When using public transport, always have your luggage in sight. Ensure valuables such as wallets, purses, phones etc are safe in zipped pockets particularly when amongst congested streets and tube journeys. When not using your mobile phone keep it out of sight in your zipped or closed pocket. Finally, never keep all your travel documents, identity documents, money, credit cards etc in one place.

Whilst at your hotel

If your luggage isn't in your room, leave it with a luggage porter and ensure you collect a receipt. If your room key, along with key wallet, is lost ensure you report this to the hotel reception staff immediately.

Always use your room safe for valuables and make sure that you lock your room safe after use. If you are suspicious of the behaviour of any person whilst at the hotel please report this to a member of staff. Also, always use your spy glass viewer and your door chain in your door to verify the identity of unexpected visitors or knocks at the door.

If you have specific security needs or would just simply like some advise, our Group Security team are always there to assist, you may contact them via our

To confirm the validity of any questionable notification or communication supposedly involving Radisson Blu Edwardian hotels, or if you are contacted in this regard, please contact our Customer Support.