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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to the wellbeing of our planet and its present and future inhabitants. We will conduct our business by striving to improve our overall ecological and carbon footprint, without compromising on our guests experience and satisfaction, using the most responsible working practices.

Our Top Ten Commitments include:

  1. Responsible and Restorative Business Management (including CR/CSR)
    To enhance our business practices across the organization in ways where people, planet, productivity and planet all matter and all benefit.
  2. Food security
    To create and build a healthy food system which is based on the understanding that food is an essential celebratory and culturally vital component of our lives.
  3. Positive and Clean Energy Management
    To improve our overall carbon footprint through usage of innovative Clean and Renewable sources, resources and technologies.
  4. Responsible Water Management
    To do improve our water footprint impact with emphasis on production, usage and consumption in all areas of management and operations (including the sourcing and supply chain).
  5. Zero Waste Management
    To improve and efficiently monitor our (and yours) waste through Zero Waste Management with emphasis on up cycling and Re manufacturing
  6. Responsible Air Quality Management
    To maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) in order to improve the health, productivity and comfort of building occupants.
  7. Responsible Sourcing and Procurement
    To promote a responsible Sourcing and Procurement program with emphasis on Carbon Positive, Fair Trade, Fair Wage and “localism”.
  8. Low Carbon Mobility
    To promote Low Carbon Mobility that focuses on improving the overall Ecological and Carbon footprint of transportation in all areas of operations (including the supply chain).
  9. Thought Leadership and Awareness Raising
    To create a higher level of self empowerment through ‘Thought Leadership’ – the kind that differentiates you from the competition.
  10. Wellness: Creating a Healthy Bottom Line
    To ensure a safe, secure and healthy environment that promotes active and wellness lifestyles to our guests, employees, local community and nature.
  11. Download this information as a PDF file.