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Customer Support | Radisson Blu Edwardian hotels

Find answers to your frequently asked questions.

This support topic is in the General Hotel Policies category.

Why do Radisson pre-authorise my credit card?

Pre-authorization of your credit card is technically a "hold" on your credit card credit line from a purchase placed there by a merchant (Radisson Blu Edwardian) who has initiated a charge, but not completely processed it.

When the merchant (Radisson Blu Edwardian) actually completes the charge process, the pre-authorization amount will be replaced by an actual charge debited from your card.

Important points:

  • We only accept credit cards for pre-authorisation.
  • We swipe your credit card at check in to ensure you have enough funds to settle your final bill and we hold this amount throughout your stay. The amount we check for will depend on the length of your stay and which hotel you are staying at, however the member of staff checking you in will explain this process clearly.
  • No money is taken from your credit card but it will show as a 'Pending Transaction'.
  • The authorisation of your card will last the length of your stay and it will take up to 5 days after your departure to be released.
  • You can use a different card to pay your final bill.
  • If you have any questions about pre-authorisation please as a member of our front of house team.

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