Radisson Edwardian One Planet Spa and Wellness Responsible Business Policy

We, the management and staff of the spas at Radisson Blu Edwardian, are committed to both improving our overall ecological and water footprint in all areas of spa management and operations, and providing a guest experience that incorporates the most natural and organic products and practices without compromising results.

Our Top 10 Commitments are:

  1. To achieve solid and credible natural and organic practices throughout our entire operations.
  2. To continuously improve our overall Energy and Water Footprint by conserving natural resources and introducing clean energy technologies within our spa facilities without compromising safety standards or total guest comfort and satisfaction.
  3. To improve the overall ecological and carbon footprint impact of waste through development and implementation of an efficient Zero Waste Management action programme.
  4. To develop and expand our Responsible Purchasing policy by seeking and selecting products and materials from carbon responsible, ethical and Fair Trade suppliers and sources, whose use, wherever possible, has positive socio/cultural, economic, wellbeing and environmental benefits.
  5. To acknowledge local and regional differences in Responsible Business practices by establishing local programmes and strategies designed to improve both the efficiency of our spas and the wellbeing of local communities and the natural environment.
  6. To openly communicate our policies and best practices to stakeholders and the general public in a transparent fashion.
  7. To provide all staff and guests with the awareness-raising and training materials and resources required to reach a higher level of self empowerment and self realisation.
  8. To monitor and record our One Planet Spa and Wellness action plan on a regular basis and measure performance against our polices, objectives and targets.
  9. To fully meet and comply with all local, national and international Responsible Business and Zero Footprint legislation (if none, we will pioneer it ourselves).
  10. To encourage a safe, secure and healthy environment and increased active and wellness lifestyles designed to improve the wellbeing of our guests, employees, the local community and the natural environment.

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