Executive Leadership

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Radisson Blu Edwardian hotels in London, Guildford and Manchester
Executive Leadership

We are pleased to introduce you to the leaders of Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels

Jasminder Singh
Chairman & CEO 
Edwardian Hotels London (the parent company of Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels)
A Chartered Accountant. He founded the Edwardian Group in 1975 and led it to join with Radisson in 1993 to become the Radisson Edwardian Hotels group. He continues to set the direction, strategy, vision and culture for the senior management team and all who work at Radisson Edwardian Hotels, all of whom are ultimately responsible to him. He determines the group’s major expenditures and manages its capital. Honoured with a Doctorate by the University of Stirling. Awarded an OBE in 2007 for his services to the hotel industry.

Amrit Singh
University graduate and holder of a diploma in interior design. She has completed Oxford development programmes: the Advanced Management Programme and the Oxford Leadership programme. She directs and manages the interior design of the Radisson Edwardian Hotels group hotels' client accommodation and public spaces. She is a director of Edwardian Hotels London.

SM Shah 
A Chartered Accountant, He was formerly in private practice as an accountant, before joining the group, as a director, in 1979. His responsibilities include managing the group's relationships with business partners in the air transport industry. He is a director of Edwardian Hotels London.

Iype Abraham
Commercial Development Director 
MBA graduate from University of Oxford. He joined Radisson Edwardian Hotels as Financial Controller in 1990 with the acquisition of the Marlborough Hotel. He has since held various unit and corporate level positions. From 1997 he served as the Radisson Edwardian Hotels group IT Director, responsible for IT strategy, development and execution. In 2006 he was appointed to his present role as Commercial Development Director, responsible for expanding the number of units in Radisson Edwardian Hotels. 

Paul Mansi
Chief Operating Officer

Graduate of Ecole Hoteliere, Lausanne. Previously with Grand Metropolitan Hotels, he joined Radisson Edwardian Hotels in 1982. He has previously held the position of General Manager at Radisson Edwardian's Kenilworth, Mercer Street (formally Mountbatten), Hampshire, and Heathrow Hotels before becoming Group Operations Director in 1997. Currently Chief Operating Officer for the group, he has the overall responsibility for the group's performance & strategic direction reporting directly to the Chairman.

Mike O'Connor
Operations Director
After college graduation, worked for Thistle Hotels in London and Edinburgh. Joined Radisson Edwardian Hotels in 1983. Has held General Manager roles at the group's Kenilworth, Grafton, and Vanderbilt Hotels. Responsible for Property Maintenance, Health and Safety, Security and Hotel Service Operations.

Vijay Wason 
Company Secretary 
Entered the hotel business in 1972 as a Trainee Accountant with Crest Hotels. He became a Management Accountant with Holiday Inn. He joined the Radisson Edwardian Hotels group in 1979. He is Company Secretary of Edwardian Hotels London.

Linda Plant
Director of Sales
Previously with Thistle and Sheraton Hotels in London. She joined Radisson Edwardian Hotels in 1990 and held a number of positions before becoming Marketing Director in 2000. She directs and manages the global marketing efforts of Radisson Edwardian Hotels, including developing strategic, worldwide campaigns for advertising, direct marketing and public relations.

Peter Anscomb
Senior Corporate Director

Former banker Peter Anscomb joined the Edwardian Group in November 2012 as Senior Corporate Director with a wide-ranging mandate. Formally a travel and hospitality finance specialist at Royal Bank of Scotland he has worked alongside Radisson Blu Edwardian for over 15 years.

Robert Morley
He was formerly at HSBC Group where he held senior positions at the merchant bank and commercial bank, including Head of European Lending where he particularly focused on property finance. He joined Radisson Edwardian Hotels in 1997. He supports the CEO and Commercial Development Director in group finance and development matters. He is a director of Edwardian Hotels London. 

Andrew Hart
A solicitor, he joined the Radisson Edwardian Hotels group in 2001 as a director, after retirement as a partner in international law firm Baker & McKenzie. He supports the company secretary and group operations generally, particularly on legal aspects. He is a director of Edwardian Hotels London.