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Monticelli Mud*

Conditioning mud treatment.
Rich treatmentwith Monticelli thermal mud from the mineral rich riverbanks of Monticelli, Italy. With the active ingredients from the Monticelli mud, this treatment has detoxifying, healing and restorative benefits.
1 hour £70
Body Strategist Refining Cellulite Treatment Intense cellulite reducing treatment.
Carnitine and caffeine have an exceptional effect on eliminating fatty deposits. Using hot and cold techniques to increase blood circulation to the areas being treated. A course is highly recommended for best results.
1 hour
Body strategist nutritional treatment Anti-oxidant treatment which tones and improves elasticity
Using a unique gel body mask blended for each treatment, this aromatic treatment uses the benefits of organic pumpkin cells, tomato, basil combined with vitamins B1, B2 and vitamin C to deeply nourish the tissues and recondition the skin.
1 hour £70
D-age* Firming and anti-ageing body treatment.
Using a synergy of active ingredients to firm and repair damaged skin.  Kamani oil stimulates collagen synthesis and walnut works against the adverse effects of atmospheric pollution. D-age also works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and aids in the prevention of new ones.
1 hour £70
Vital leg* Relieving and detoxifying treatment to treat tired, aching legs. Designed for legs suffering from fluid retention, tension and a sense of heaviness. The synergy of active ingredients promotes the elimination of impurities to improve circulation and provide a rebalancing action. Visibly reduces swelling, regains lightness and vitality. 1 hour £55
Hot stones* Intense massage through heated smooth stones.
Deep muscle tension is relieved and circulation is stimulated due to a soothing massage experience. Perfect to ease stress and tension throughout the entire body. Choose from a 30 minute back treatment or 1hr 15min full body treatment.
30 minutes
1 hour 15 min
Aromasoul ritual scrubs* Four Aromasoul scrubs each representing a different corner of the world. 
Choose from Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabian. Each massage integrates ancient cultures with contemporary rituals by incorporating unique blends of essential oils and movements. Each ritual scrub is evocative of the location that the treatment is derived from, using ingredients native to the area.
Contains ground pearls, the symbol of beauty and richness in the orient. Used for resistant and problematic complexions.
45 minutes £55
Uses ground olive stones as an inner connection with the soul, warmed and energised by the Mediterranean. Ideal for resistant complexions.
45 minutes £55
Uses ground rice grains for a connection with natural resources from the Indian earth. Perfect for the most delicate and sensitive complexions.
45 minutes £55
Inspired by the Berber and Tuareg traditions who use ground coconut. Ideal for particularly resistant and keratinised complexions.
45 minutes £55

* Treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant

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