Get London Reading with Evening Standard

7th July 2011

Dear Mr Singh and all at the Radisson Edwardian Group,

On behalf of Volunteer Reading Help and all of the children we support we wanted to officially extend our thanks to you for your very generous donation of £5,000 towards the Evening Standard Get London Reading campaign.

We wanted to let you know that we will be putting your donation to immediate use and that your donation could provide vital literacy support to thirty children in London. Your donation will match fund the costs of ten reading helpers, who will each work with three children in need of help with their reading.

Your donation has never been more important. Last year 1 in 4 children in London left Primary School without reaching the required literacy standard. The effects of illiteracy can be devastating and there are proven links between illiteracy and poor health, unemployment, poverty and crime. It is a sad fact that 48% of our prison population have a reading age below that of a five year old. At VRH, we help children who are at risk of leaving primary school without being able to read or ever having engaged with books and so intervene before illiteracy could lead a London child down the wrong path.

Geordie Greig, editor of the London Evening Standard, said: "This has been a very important campaign for us, highlighting shocking statistics and stories of illiteracy in London which is known throughout the world as a great centre of literature. We are so pleased to have started a campaign which has met with such generosity from our readers. We hope that the reader-volunteers that we have helped to find or have helped to fund make a substantial difference. We know literacy is the key to most people's success in life.”

I am also delighted to enclose a copy of our annual review for you which I hope you will enjoy reading to find out more about our work.

We look forward to meeting with Linda Plant this month and hope that we will be able to work with the Radisson Edwardian Group in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Sue Porto
Chief Executive