24 Jul 2012

4 Bubble Spa rating for The Spa Guildford from The Good Spa Guide 0  

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4 bubble spaHave you visited The Spa Guildford yet? If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, head down to Guildford for a short break from the capital that’s barely 30 minutes away.

The Good Spa Guide recently reviewed The Spa and enjoyed an Eco Chic Pedicure and awarded us an impressive 4 Bubbles out of 5!



Here’s a snap shot of the Good Spa Guide review:


First impressions?

The spa has two entrances: one is outside, to the left of the glass-fronted main entrance, and the other is inside the hotel, behind the main reception desk. Down the dark, purple corridor towards the guiding light at the end (a back-lit display of ESPA products), you’ll find the spa reception. The hushed atmosphere inside the spa felt a world away from the bustle of Guildford High Street.

Guildford Spa


Which treatments did you have?

I had the Eco Chic Pedicure by Pinks Boutique (60 minutes, £45).


What were the treatments like?

My therapist, Sophie, collected me from my poolside lounger, and took me to my dimly lit and spacious treatment room. Sophie thoughtfully went to fetch a dry towel and gown as mine were a little wet.

Sophie sprayed some Himalayan Mist room spray around the treatment couch. She asked about my knowledge of pedicures and Pinks Boutique, and proceeded to explain about them. I put my feet in a bowl of warm water and rested them upon the smooth pebbles at the bottom.

Sophie added a recipe of loveliness to the bowl: some Himalayan rock salt, a shredded sprig of mint and some rose petals. Using some rock salt in oil, Sophie scrubbed my feet, before rubbing the rougher areas with a pumice stone. After drying my feet, Sophie placed a towel as a stepping stone between where I was sitting and the treatment bed.

I got up on the bed and lay on my front. Sophie dry-brushed my feet for yet more softening, then I turned over for her to massage my feet with Himalayan massage oil. Sophie proceeded to do some “calf thumping”, which involved her patting her fists together along the back of my lower leg. Sophie ended the massage with some stretches to my foot and ankle area. Even though we had chatted throughout the treatment, I felt deeply relaxed and sleepy by this stage.

Next, Sophie added some drops of cuticle oil to my nails, and tidied my cuticles. She used slices of lime to clean the top of my nails, and under the rims. I haven’t seen this unusual method before, but Sophie told me that lime has antifungal properties, and has a whitening effect. Sophie then used a polished wood stick at the end of my toes to stimulate pressure points.

I chose a beautiful, deep plum-coloured nail varnish by Spa Ritual. Sophie painted my nails with a base coat, two coats of nail varnish, a top coat and a few drops of sparkle liquid to enhance the shine.

 Pedicure at Guildford Spa

Was it worth it?

Whilst at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Guildford, I felt far away from everyday life and my treatment was fantastic. So, yes!


Read more here http://www.goodspaguide.co.uk/spas/reviews/430-Radisson-Blu-Edwardian-Guildford.cfm or check out more of our treatments online now at www.thespaguildford.com - one of the best spas in Guildford!

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